Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Stumbling upon little colonial towns but alas, I've yet to discover Stars Hollow.

Autumn upstate

when it had finally stopped raining. Sort of.

Got rain?

This was actually in the beginning of the week-long torrent.

Koo's wedding

and the other one...

JB's wedding

One of two weddings I attended last month. Something definitely to be said about having 'smores in lieu of wedding cake.

Hotel @ MIT

hotel blanket
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Geeky enough to appreciate the linens at the hotel... (and the science-y wall decorations, the steely accessories and the wifi....)

Really Back Bay

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What's fall without a visit to New England? Somewhere around Commonwealth Ave...

Ah Canada.

so very earnest.

wackier still.

Some sort of freshman hazing.

It's practically Halloween

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Hmm. How'd it get to be October already? Somehow the last eight weeks got away from me... so here they are in photographic detail.